The Ultimate Family Office Setup

When changes to your family’s financial situation arise, this can have long-standing effects on the situation of your family’s wealth. These financial change can range from a family member accepting a trust fund, another moving into retirement, or another getting a pay rise.  Managing your family’s wealth is important, not just for today, but for your family’s well-being in the long term.

It’s essential to your financial situation that all elements of your family’s wealth is managed, so we believe that having the ultimate family office set-up is crucial to its success, as it can assist in managing your evolving financial needs.

Having a specialist team ensures that all your unique financial needs are covered. The Morrows Group has a dedicated team of advisors which assists families with their financial needs across the board, such as education on topics such as inheritance and encouraging long-term planning. Having one key point of contact allows your family to benefit from the advice of an invested advisor, and allows your advisor to be able to identify, manage and satisfy complicated family issues, as well as the explicit needs of each family member.

Understanding how to arrange a family office is a process, and with each family comes a unique set of requirements and long-term financial goals. That’s why your ultimate family office set-up should provide you with online services, and downloadable information to help you get started. Morrows Group provides your family with access to a range of secure online forms, covering topics such as Self-Managed Superannuation, Discretionary Trusts, Fixed/Unit Trusts & Company Incorporation.

We understand that family life can often be affected by a range of financial issues. By investing a small amount of time in researching the right company to manage your family’s wealth, your family will be left with longstanding benefits, and that’s an investment well- worth making.


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