Portfolio Construction and Investment

Portfolio Construction and Investment

Morrows Private Wealth is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (No 244119), ABN 94 517 928 276.

The Morrows Private Wealth Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing the economic environment and global investment markets so that proactive and timely decisions can be made on behalf of our clients.  The Investment Committee oversees our investment process and ensures that our investment philosophy is applied efficiently across all of our client portfolios.

Morrows Private Wealth’s Investment Committee engages independent, external asset consultant, Antipodean Capital, to scan a range of worldwide opportunities to assess, stress test, and reconcile recommended asset allocations to market forecasts and expectations. Antipodean Capital provides us with timely macroeconomic analysis and advice, investment research, portfolio construction consultation and risk management strategies. Learn more about the portfolio construction and investment services that Morrows can provide.

Antipodean Capital

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