Business Technology

Business Technology

The Morrows team use our technical knowledge in all disciplines to provide practical solutions for your needs.

Our Services

Our team works to support your decision making, and to ensure that you receive the best advice and services. We use our technical knowledge in all disciplines to challenge contemporary practices to provide practical solutions for all your needs.

Business Diagnostic and Systems Diagnostic

Our Business Diagnostic will identify key functions and processes of your business systems.  We won’t ever pretend to know your business better than you, and we only fully understand by asking key questions and inviting robust discussions.

We’re here to help you run your business more effectively, with better information to assist your decision making.  We hear the frustrations you and your staff might have, and understand and take the opportunity to reflect on what is working well too.

The best way for us to gain insights into your business, the workflow and the financial processes is by talking with you. We will meet with you and key staff to gather key information.

Once we have a deep understanding of how your business runs day to day, we conduct a comprehensive and well-tested review of the tools and processes you currently use, and we consider an array of solutions to improve efficiency and boost effectiveness.

We provide you with recommendations for change, where appropriate. In presenting our strategies to you we outline the short and long-range opportunities for implementation.

Our systems diagnostics process follows a structured approach, which provides an in-depth understanding of your technical processes and allows us to deliver useful information to improve your technical systems.

Enhanced Reporting

Too often the key financial information relating to your business is unavailable when you need to know. Perhaps it is difficult to access, or your team may not always understand what the numbers mean.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash really is king to your business. Working with you, we develop forecasts that can be shown as Cash Flow, Profit/Loss or Balance Sheet forecasts as needed. This 3 Way forecasting will assist you with key business decisions like loan affordability, equipment purchasing, or business expansion.

KPI Dashboards (Key Predictive Indicators)

Our reporting tools enable you to focus on key business metrics and information. We work with you to identify KPI’s that matter in your business.

These reports can also be enhanced with live alerts, designed to keep you aware if certain activity levels or thresholds are achieved. Equally these alerts can be established to make you aware of possible concerns.

These dashboards are designed to suit your business, and will display information in a graphical or numerical format as relevant. We understand that non-financial information may be just as important to your operations, and look to ensure that data is equally visible when you need it.

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

Morrows is convinced of the benefits for most of our clients in moving accounting systems into the cloud. From mid-sized public and private businesses down to simple bank-linked systems these cloud-based packages are producing amazing solutions for users.

With your payroll and accounting in the cloud, we can support you working on your business while we look after the bookkeeping. We work with you and make sure you get the assistance you need, all based from our offices in Melbourne and fully backed by the professional team at Morrows.

Cloud solutions give Morrows an amazing opportunity to interface with your business’s full financial position in real time as it is happening. Additionally, you will never have to manually reconcile a bank account ever again or have to worry about which version of your software you are on as it is regularly updated via the cloud.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is an ongoing and time-consuming activity. Outsourcing your bookkeeping can help to ensure that your records are accurate and that they are managed in a timely manner, helping to improve your business and streamline the financial operations of your business. When you outsource your bookkeeping, you can be sure that there is a dedicated team managing your daily financial operations efficiently and effectively. Our bookkeepers can also assist with financial operations such as automating data feeds from your bank, direct tax reporting to the ATO and real-time analysis of your business performance.

Virtual CFO and Governance Support

With the experience projecting the long-term financials of many companies, Morrows can provide the services that your business needs.

If your business is growing but isn’t ready for a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a virtual CFO could be right for you. With Morrows, we start by reviewing your finances and assessing your business needs. A virtual CFO scales as you need their services, and will grow and take on more responsibility until your business is ready for your own CFO.

This service provides you with the effectiveness and expertise of having a CFO, just when you need them. Your Virtual CFO can support you as the owner, becoming a strategic business partner, and a trusted source of expertise who adds value to the organisation. Having a Virtual CFO can benefit your company, as your business will be equipped with a flexible resource to call upon when the need arises.

With the open interface of modern cloud accounting systems, it is possible for small and medium businesses to access the functionality of large enterprise accounting systems at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

Performance Technology

There are hundreds of tools within the open eco-system, with some systems immediately beneficial to many business owners. These tools assist with such operational matters like organising bills and rosters, planning and running your business, and assisting with record retention.

Your Payroll & Staff Rosters

  • Managing your payroll can streamline the tasks you have, and assist with automatically updating your accounts too.
  • Pay and report employee super contributions with the click of a button.
  • Add on the ability to plan and cost your rosters, and have this information complete timesheets for the pay run.

 Record Keeping & Filing

  • We use systems that capture your invoices, translates them into your accounting software, and files the records alongside the transaction in your accounting system.

 Organising Your Inventory

  • Get an up-to-date view of what your bestselling product lines are.
  • See how much profit you’re making on specific items and product lines, and use this information to make the right decisions about what to order and how to price it.

Warehousing Needs

  • Manage your warehousing needs and increase turnover and profit with the right warehousing and inventory solutions that suits your needs now and into the future.

Manufacturing Products

  • Manage your manufacturing with systems designed to help you compile your bill or materials, increasing the detail and accuracy of your manufacturing, identifying real margins and wastage.

Accounts Receivable

  • Utilising technology we can automate reminders to the people who owe you money. We can also provide personal follow-up if you need it.

Workflow Management

  • If you have staff charging time on jobs for you, an integrated system to capture time and other costs is vital. We can help set up and customise your system.

The above add-ons are merely a few of those available in the cloud ecosystem. Importantly, our focus is to work with you and your business, identify your particular business needs, and only implement additional technology when it makes business sense to do so.

For more information or to find out more about how Morrows One Team Advice House can assist your business, please contact us.

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