Tax and Superannuation Law

Tax and Superannuation Law

Morrows’ One Team approach allows our advisors to connect you to the appropriate tax and superannuation lawyers whilst leveraging the existing knowledge of your business and personal affairs.  This ensures that our legal advice is not only technically correct and commercial, but also focuses on the issues which are key to your business and personal circumstances.

Our tax lawyers provide expert legal advice to Australian and international clients on all tax matters, including ATO tax audits,tax debts and tax disputes.

We cut through complexity and present issues to you simply and clearly to help you make better decisions.

Our comprehensive understanding of the tax system and insight into the decision making of tax regulatory bodies ensure that you comply with the tax laws of Australia.

With a nuanced understanding of operational variables such as the administration of taxation disputes by the Australian Taxation Office, the competitive landscape and risk profile, our team of tax lawyers helps to ensure that there are no complications with your proposed transactions. This provides you the peace of mind that you can reduce the costs and stresses of all tax issues such as tax returns, taxation disputes, tax-related agreements, taxation due diligence or tax audits.

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