Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced Reporting

Too often, critical financial information relating to your business is unavailable when you need to know. It can often be too difficult to access, or your team may not always understand what the numbers mean.

Equally, non-financial information may be just as important to your operations. Our experienced team can help make your business performance visible in a practical, usable way.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is king to your business. Working with you, we develop forecasts that can be shown as Cash Flow, Profit/Loss or Balance Sheet forecasts as needed.

The versatility in reporting enables customised presentations for you and parties such as your bank, investors and partners.

You can view these forecasts from a “helicopter” view, capturing the key critical information, whilst retaining the ability to dive into the information in a granular manner if required.

This 3-Way forecasting will assist you with key business decisions like loan affordability, equipment purchasing, or business expansion.

KPI Dashboards (Key Predictive Indicators)

Our reporting tools enable you to focus on key business metrics and information. We work with you to identify KPI’s that matter in your business.

We design dashboard reports to suit your business and display information in graphical or numerical format as relevant.

Live Alerts

These reports can also be enhanced with live alerts, designed to keep you aware if certain activity levels or thresholds are achieved. Equally these alerts can be established to make you aware of possible concerns.

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