Personal Risk Insurance

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Wealth

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The Morrows Risk Insurance team understands that you need the complexity taken out of Insurance to safeguard yourself against unforeseen events. Our advisors listen to you and discuss it to ensure you are adequately protected and supported in your time of need.

We offer a range of personal risk insurance to protect you, your family and your wealth.

Life Insurance
Life insurance provides a lump sum benefit to your beneficiary or estate in the event of your passing. It allows the nominated beneficiary to clear or reduce debt and may provide the surviving family with ongoing financial support.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance:
TPD insurance is paid as a lump sum if you can never work again. Definitions of disability can be occupation specific (such as your Own Occupation) or general in nature (Any Occupation). This form of cover allows you to clear or reduce debt and may provide ongoing financial support for you and your family.

Trauma Insurance
Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance is a lump sum payment received if you are diagnosed with a major or life-threatening disease such as a major heart attack, stroke or cancer. The form of coverage allows you to clear or reduce debt, pay for expert medical treatment, and help support you through a more stress-free recovery.

Income Protection
Protects to a maximum of 75% of your insurable income. The insured amount is paid monthly if you cannot work due to illness or injury. This coverage helps you manage your financial commitments, such as mortgage, family and lifestyle requirements, while you are unable to work.

Claims Management
And what if something does happen? We pride ourselves on our caring, thorough, and individual approach to managing your insurance claim. If you need to lodge a claim on your policy, we are here to help you throughout the process. With our many years of Insurance claims management experience, we understand the importance of making your life as simple as possible.

Our insurance advisors will meet with you and help you complete your claim form for faster processing and settlement. Once your paperwork has been completed, we’ll lodge your claim and follow up with the provider to help expedite payment. If needed, we’ll also negotiate on your behalf.

It’s essential because it is all about securing the needs of you and your loved ones.

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