Morrows Conversations

Morrows Conversations is a new way for us to deliver engaging and insightful content to our community. Conversations is our podcast series featuring compelling dialogues on the wide variety of financial and professional subjects that our experts are knowledgeable in. Listeners who tune into these discussions will learn some invaluable ideas and know-how that can help improve their financial future. Welcome to Morrows Conversations.

Force Majeure And Contractual Obligations

In this episode of Morrows Conversations, Noor Othman of Morrows Legal discusses the contractual concept of force majeure. Together with Murray and Adam, the team considers contractual obligations in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Commercial Leasing And Implications

In this edition of Morrows Conversations, Adam of Morrows Legal provides an overview of the Code of Conduct and commercial leasing and its implications during the COVID-19 environment.

Importance of Business Health Checks

In this edition of Morrows Conversations, Morrows Director Graeme Marks and Tax and Strategic Business Associate Kellie Stark discuss the importance of Business Health Checks. Business Health Checks are invaluable assessment tools which can be used to gauge an organisation’s preparedness for change. Graeme and Kellie talk about the components involved in the process, when it is most useful to conduct and the knowledge outcomes you can expect the health check to provide.

Important Things to Think about When Moving into Aged Care

In this episode of Morrows Conversations, Morrows Chairman and Director Murray Wyatt speaks with Aged Care Specialist Maureen Allen about some of the most important considerations when thinking about aged care. It can be an emotional and difficult time when you or a loved one needs to think about moving into some kind of aged care. Murray and Maureen discuss this decision-making process, including the importance of family and third-party input during this time. Other topics include fees you need to be aware of and the facility assessment process.

Lending Solutions Matters to Consider

Morrows Chair and Director Murray Wyatt and Lending Solutions expert Sarah Zhou discuss a substantial range of loan topics in this episode of Morrows Conversations. This edition features a broad dialogue of lending solutions subjects and has something valuable for everyone. Topics they look at include various loan structures, broker assistance, considerations for first-home buyers, lending misconceptions and more.

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