How Entrepreneurs Can Take Money Off The Table

The life of an entrepreneur is a busy, exciting and often challenging one. However, being a successful entrepreneur requires a great deal of financial insight, and an ability to manage your personal wealth.

Many entrepreneurs will invest in their company with not just their time, skills and expertise, but will also invest their money. Therefore, entrepreneurs will often find that their personal finances are invested and integrated into the company. Unfortunately, this can be a double-edged sword as it may not leave much room for growth of the entrepreneurs own personal wealth. However, with some financial expertise and some good timing, entrepreneurs can still take money off the table.

As an entrepreneur, how you manage your business’ finances is essential to its success.

When your business is still in the early stages of development, it is wise to invest and focus on simply growing and building your business up. However, as the business then matures, it founders are permitted to put aside a portion of the money which has been raised from investors and pay themselves a salary, instead of returning every cent back into the business.

We believe that for entrepreneurs, taking money off the table at the right time is smart financial management. Accessing founder’s liquidity, while still retaining control of the business allows you to have the control of retaining ownership of the business, while also being able to benefit from the spoils of your hard work.

Founders liquidity is the key to an entrepreneur’s long-term financial security. Therefore, careful management of your liquidity is key to gaining financial stability. Finding the right avenues for taking some returns from your business may require additional research and specialised knowledge. Contact us to learn more about how Morrows can assist you with this process.

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