Employment Law

Employment Law

When it comes to employment, your responsibilities and legal obligations as an employer are complex and frequently changing.

Morrows’ One Team approach allows our advisors to connect you to the appropriate employment lawyers that will assist you in keeping up with these changes.

Our employment lawyers work with our clients to ensure they understand their rights and obligations and provide strategic assistance to minimise and manage the risk of disputes and exposure of risks to employee safety and well-being.

Morrows Legal Solutions can help you with:

  • Contractual agreements
    Preparing employment agreements, assisting with independent contractor arrangements including providing advice and appropriate contracts, all aspects of enterprise agreement making from formulating strategies to drafting agreements.
  • Award interpretation
    Advising on all matters regarding compliance with employment laws, including minimum pay rates and superannuation.
  • Fair work disputes and all aspects of termination of employment which includes representation in all employment related litigation including unfair dismissal and general protections claims as well as contractual claims.

If you need strategic legal advice to minimise risk within your business in a friendly and professional manner, please reach out to Morrows Legal Solutions.

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