Commercial Law

Commercial Law

The team of commercial lawyers at Morrows Legal aim to understand your business in order to tailor their advice so that it is timely, relevant, cost-effective and of practical use for you.  Morrows’ One Team approach allows our lawyers to leverage the existing knowledge of your business and personal affairs from within other Morrows groups to ensure that our legal advice is not only technically correct and commercial but also focussed on the issues which are key to your business and personal circumstances.


Our commercial lawyers have broad experience and can assist you with your business needs from inception or acquisition to sale or dissolution.  Whether you are starting a new venture and want to ensure that your structuring is appropriate from the outset and you have suitable shareholder, unitholder or partnership agreements to govern the ongoing conduct of your enterprise, or if you have an existing business which has grown without really paying enough attention to the rights and obligations of various stakeholders, our lawyers can assist you to rectify the problems that you are aware of and to identify and resolve issues that you may not have thought about.


We can assist buyers and sellers with due diligence investigations, preparation and negotiation of contracts for the sale and purchase of assets or shares/units.  Our aim is to ensure that your sale or purchase proceeds in a timely manner and that you are suitably informed through the process to ensure that there are no surprises and the transaction delivers in accordance with your expectations.


For more information or to find out more about how Morrows One Team Advice House can assist you with your commercial law requirements, please contact us.

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