“It is only through caring for our clients, meeting their requirements and providing innovative solutions to their evolving needs that Morrows continues to remain successful.”

Morrows- The early years

Morrows is a heritage company, with a proud history of assisting clients with their business and financial requirements. Since it was founded in 1960 by Leonard (Len) Charles William Morrow, Morrows has continued to grow and evolve, while always ensuring quality, professionalism and integrity in everything we do.

In 1973, Len Morrow’s partner Terry Stanley, was left to take over the stewardship of Morrows at only 28 years of age, when Len lost his fight with heart disease. Following Lens’ passing Terry was joined by Graeme West.

Murray Wyatt and Alan Thompson merged with Terry and Graeme in 1985. Greg Levvey became a Partner in 1989 after Alan left with ill health. After incorporation, Graeme Marks, Neil Yeoman, Laurel Moulynox and Wendy Dickson were also admitted as Directors in 2001. Alistair Hamblin merged his practice in 2008.

The loss of Murray Wyatt

In July 2021, Murray Wyatt sadly passed away, Murray had been instrumental in growing and developing Morrows across his 35 plus years and has seen many changes across the firm. Murray was a mentor and a friend to many and will leave a lasting legacy. Murray’s ability to think strategically and develop strong working relationships enabled Morrows to expand and grow and provided opportunities to clients, Morrows Directors and staff. Read more about Murray

Morrows One Team- Where we are today

Over the years, Morrows has expanded into several new business and financial areas, allowing us to service an even broader range of clients, and their unique business needs.

Today, our “One Team” professional service approach deals with multidisciplinary solutions. Morrows offers services including accounting, business advisory, wealth management, tax, legal, lending, superannuation and family office services. As a highly respected and trusted brand, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that evolve as our clients do.

Morrows continues to evolve to constantly meet the needs and lead thinking in our disciplines. We accept no compromise to quality, professionalism and integrity in everything we do. This is the foundation for our client relationships to span generations.

Our professional and highly experienced team members continue to learn and develop, while always providing our clients with specialist advice and services. Our people are passionate about providing specialist solutions and being the best in everything they do. Read more about our values

The current Board consists of Graeme Marks, Laurel Moulynox, and Neil Yeoman.

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