Superannuation, and Its Relevance During COVID-19

Kirsty McCormack of Morrows Private Wealth makes a guest appearance with our friends at the Nicholes Family Lawyers Podcast Series to give her thoughts on superannuation and COVID-19:

While superannuation is intended to assist with retirement, the Australian government has recognised that the significant financial implications of COVID-19 has meant that for those most affected, there may be an urgent need to access these funds currently. As such, people facing financial stress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are able to once again access their superannuation account balance early. In this episode of the Nicholes Family Lawyers Podcast Series, Partner Nadine Udorovic and Senior Associate Kate Bell are joined by Kirsty McCormack, Operations Manager at Morrows Private Wealth, to discuss the viability of this early access scheme, its benefits and potential risks.

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