Steps to Protect Your Staff During the Coronavirus Crisis

As the severity of the coronavirus crisis continues to grow, businesses need to be prepared to embrace a flexible culture in the workplace. At a certain point, employers must identify whether there is a risk to the health of their employees from exposure to coronavirus at their workplace. The safety and wellbeing of your staff should be your highest priority. Take every measure available to identify the level of risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Identifying the level of risk can include:
  • Monitoring expert advice as the coronavirus situation develops (for example, from the Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Reviewing infection control policies, procedures and practices, to ensure they are effective and are being followed
  • Educating and keeping employees up to date on new information
  • Monitoring the latest travel advice on the Smartraveller website for anyone planning to travel overseas for work
  • Considering whether work activities put other people at risk e.g. interstate and overseas travel
  • Talking to employees who have:
  • Travelled or are planning to travel overseas for work
  • Come into contact with confirmed cases of novel coronavirus
Here are several tips from our Human Resources Consulting and Advisory team for managing the COVID Outbreak within Morrows:
  • Implement a clean desk policy
  • Review and prepare a work-from-home strategy
  • Keep a travel register
  • Understand your responsibilities as an employer
  • Communicate and don’t panic!


Challenging times like the outbreak of an infectious disease pose critical threats to businesses and their personnel. Remember when making decisions for your business that your staff are your most indispensable asset – their welfare is your top priority. For more information on protecting your people during the coronavirus crisis, reach out to the Morrows Human Resources Advisory team.

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