MPW and Antler Australia Webinar

Morrows Private Wealth presents Antler Australia to discuss the upcoming Antler AU Fund II investment opportunity.

In this presentation, the partners behind Antler Australia introduced Antler’s investment strategy and what differentiates them from competitors. We also heard from an existing portfolio company from Fund I, an overview of the macro environment for early-stage VC investing, Fund I performance and the Fund II investment opportunity.

Note: This opportunity has recently been approved by the Investment Committee.

We encourage you to watch this recording to learn more about the investment opportunity with Antler Australia.

Please contact your Morrows Private Wealth advisor with any questions regarding the presentation and an indication of your preferred commitment if you wish to invest.

Commitments and applications are due by the 30th April with the first capital call expected to be made by mid-May.

If you have any questions regarding the materials discussed throughout the presentation or would like to discuss the current positioning of your investment portfolio, please reach out to your Morrows Private Wealth advisor.

Additional Resources

Click on the link below to access the slides used in the above briefing.

Bede Moore | Managing Partner – Antler Australia

Bede is the founding Managing Partner of Antler Australia. Having founded and exited a startup, he has the first hand founder experience that helps support founders to accelerated success while also informing better investment decisions for the Fund. Bede has an extensive network to draw on for founder recruiting, portfolio company support, and fund investors.

Cathy Rogers | Partner, Antler Australia

Cath is an experienced venture capital and private equity investor. She is a company Director including with ASX 200 AUB Group Limited and formerly McGrath Estate Agents and fintech Beem. Cath was one the first team members at AirTree Ventures through the deployment of >10x performing Fund I.

Anthony Millet | Partner, Antler Australia

Anthony is a partner of Antler Australia and a Global Partner, Co-Head of Antler Capital. Anthony is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO that has co-founded, and sold market-leading businesses globally in the financial services and ecommerce retail sectors.