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Morrows Legal professionals are specialists in superannuation, estate planning commercial, property and contract law and will help maximise your opportunities for success and clear results.

We are results driven and focused on providing you with valued, cost effective advice which is tailored and evolves with your needs.

Commitment. Communication. Confidence.

Our specialist knowledge and experience, developed over decades, assures you peace of mind that we are committed to your cause. We listen to you and combine professional legal guidance with seamless service to achieve your best solutions. We deliver outcomes with care and integrity.

That’s why at Morrows “the difference is significant”.

You can rest assured that all aspects of your deeds, estates documentation, contracts and commercial agreements are developed with best practice legal standards in mind. With Morrows’ specialists in their fields of expertise – you can take comfort in receiving advice consistent with the latest legislation and developments covering superannuation law, property law, shareholders agreements, unit holders agreements, trusts, companies, partnerships and leases.

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Superannuation Law

The Morrows Legal team leads the industry in complex superannuation strategy including the legal aspects of superannuation. You have the peace of mind that our team is skilled and experienced in handling the most difficult compliance and regulatory aspects of superannuation.

Our lawyers have experience covering  all aspects of superannuation for you including:

  • Preparing documents for setting up and ongoing administration of self managed super funds
  • Trust deed amendments and updates that ensure your fund can take full advantage of the unique strategies and benefits available with a self managed super fund
  • Setting up a company to act as trustee of your self managed super fund
  • Advice relating to trustee and member compliance
  • Pension payments

We can help ensure your assets are administered with minimum taxation liability and maximum asset protection by using appropriate trusts and investment structures, preparing deeds that reflect current trust law and preparing ancillary documents that ensure your chosen investment structure is incorporated into your broader financial and succession plan.

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Wills and Estates

Morrows Legal understands that you have worked hard to accumulate your wealth over your lifetime and you want those assets to be protected and administered in the best possible way upon your passing.

Morrows Legal’s service enables your estate planning to be structured to meet your family objectives and lifestyle goals. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your wealth is protected then transferred smoothly and tax effectively upon your passing, in accordance with your wishes and intentions.

Our offer includes a full review of your family’s unique structure and implementation of your instructions re the distribution of assets upon death, the transfer of company control and how trust assets are dealt with upon death.

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Commercial and Corporate Law

Whether your business is manufacturing, medical, technology, food or finance related, Morrows Legal acts for you to achieve your best solutions to your business needs.

In this challenging and complex commercial environment, Morrows Legal has established an impressive reputation for providing our clients with innovative and strategic advice on a diverse range of issues such as business sales, shareholders agreements, unitholders agreements, trusts, companies, partnerships and leases.

You are able to call on our knowledge and expertise to achieve valuable solutions with practical and professional legal advice.  The Morrows Legal team is thorough and thoughtful in providing you with options to optimise your opportunities and minimise your risks.

Our experience, developed over decades, means our insights will become a key success factor in your next project.

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Property Law and Conveyancing

Morrows Legal includes specialists in property law covering all aspects of sub-divisions, building contracts, finance, leasing, mortgages and securities.

Our clients see our team as integral to the success of their projects having worked with us, in some cases, across generations.  Importantly, being part of the broader Morrows Group means that you can expect us to provide you with seamless advice across your full situation.

In calling on our team, you access a wealth of experience in managing diverse conveyancing transactions, from residential sales and purchases through to commercial property work.

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