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The Morrows Group is driven by highly professional staff who provide leading edge innovative solutions to our clients. We are one of the few true multi-disciplinary financial service practices in Australia.

Our culture is built around feedback plus a dedication to develop and inspire to cultivate high performance teams. Morrows staff are exposed to a wide range of disciplines and gain experience and work opportunities that greatly enrich their professional careers and technical skills and, most importantly, deliver the best results for our clients.

“We want the best of the best and to keep improving the benchmarks we set for our people” Manager Strategic HR.

Graduates will gain a solid grounding in general skills and practices, and as their career develops, plus the opportunity of further studies relevant to specialising in more defined areas. At Morrows we believe it is important to keep a work/life balance and encourage this through a flexible, rewarding environment.

You will be treated as an individual with a desire to improve which will make Morrows a great place for you to have a career. If you have a positive attitude, professionalism, integrity, diligence and drive for high performance, you are an ideal candidate for the Morrows Group.

Reward and Recognition

Employees take pride in being part of such a collaborative environment.

As an employee of the Morrows Group, not only will you receive outstanding rewards and recognition, but you’ll also be a part of a family-friendly atmosphere. You’ll feel a tremendous sense of pride when you’re recognised for your contributions to both exceptional client service and internal innovation.  We believe our Employee Value Proposition can be summarised as follows.

Ambition. Achievement. Recognition.

These are the cornerstones that will allow you to build a meaningful career at Morrows.

We strive to foster a culture that recognises and rewards your contributions, high performance and willingness to realise our Vision. In return you will have the opportunity to develop professionally, grow personally and join our social environment, with the flexibility to balance life’s priorities.

Career development is taken seriously. High quality technical training keeps you at the top of your field and soft skills development completes the picture.

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Development Planning

Morrows Group employees have the opportunity to build for their future through structured development plans which form the foundation to guide and steer them. Part of our Employee Value Proposition Morrows is a commitment to support further education and professional memberships.

We provide you with financial support to undertake study and time off to focus on maximising your learning. We also have a strong and long history in unstructured mentoring delivered by partnering employees to share knowledge.

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Social Responsibility

At Morrows our people are engaged in maintaining and improving the quality of daily work and family life, as well as their impact on the local community and society at large.

Our service approach is about developing socially responsible solutions and strategies to assist you achieve your lifestyle, business and family goals.

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