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    “She got the house, and I’m happy about it…”

    Is your family home at risk? If you are a company director, have personally guaranteed someone else’s obligations or carry on business in your own name then your assets (including the family home) are exposed to potential claims.

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    Central Bank Stimulus... A False Sense of Security?

    In this short video, Morrows' Chief Investment Officer Chris Molloy discusses the Central Bank Stimulus and provides an update on the investment markets for August 2016.

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    “I don’t need a Power of Attorney, I have joint bank accounts”

    This is one common misconception regarding Powers of Attorney described by clients of Morrows Legal which we are required to dispel. They are totally different things. Find out why you need a Power of Attorney today!

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    Aged Care Advice - How Morrows Can Help

    Morrows' Aged Care Advisors Maureen Allan and Allison Hyland discuss options for care, fee structures and how Morrows can help you navigate the maze that is the Aged Care system.

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    Aged Care Planning - What you Need to Consider

    Morrows' Principal Murray Wyatt discusses from personal experience the process of what happens when a loved one goes into Aged Care, what you and your family can expect and some of the key things you need to consider.

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