Adrian Fong Promoted to Director at Morrows Audit Pty Ltd.

The Morrows Group is proud to announce the appointment of Adrian Fong as Director of Morrows Audit Pty Ltd (“Morrows Audit”).


Adrian has been in the auditing profession for over 10 years and is a member of CPA Australia as well as a Registered Company Auditor.


Whilst abiding by Auditing and Accounting Standards, Adrian also takes a holistic approach in assisting his clients in meeting their compliance requirements. He is also always keen to identify opportunities to add value to a client’s business outside of the scope of the audit.


Whilst the Morrows Group are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Lee Wong, our dear friend and former Morrows Audit Principal and Director of Morrows, our Morrows Audit team led by Adrian will work hard to service Lee’s duties with the same excellence that he always did. Lee was a beloved leader of the Morrows Audit team and his untimely loss is a tragedy to all.

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