A proactive approach to tax time – don’t miss out!

Most of our clients receive/take advantage of our personalised tax planning.  If you haven’t been, call or email us and we will help.  There is a lot riding on this activity.

With the end of the financial year approaching quickly now is the time to discuss the actions you can take before 30 June 2021 to reduce tax and grow wealth. A proactive approach helps you make better decisions not only minimising tax but  also adding value to your business or investments

As a result of the current climate, many businesses have had to adjust their business model to improve their financial situation and stay afloat. Often this creates immediate tax saving opportunities. Alternatively, many of our clients have had better than expected results and don’t want an unexpected outgoing.

Our tax planning clients get:

  • Estimate of tax payable for the current financial year and 2022 ATO quarterly instalment information
  • To implement strategies to minimise tax
  • To review your super contributions and their role in your tax planning
  • The foresight to budget the next 12 months of tax payments
  • Cash flow guidance and vigilance

For 2021, key planning strategies include:

  • Maximising superannuation contributions
  • Bring forward deductible expenses
  • Deferring taxable income
  • Managing capital gains
  • Using structuring to cap your tax

Let’s get started to allow you to access the planning benefits and so that there is enough time to implement tax savings strategies.  Reach out to your Morrows Advisor today, call 03 9690 5700 or email morrows@morrows.com.au

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