Financial Support for Landlords and Tenants and Extension to Prohibition on Evictions and Rent Increases

The Victorian Government has announced that it will extend its ban on evictions and rental increases until the end of the year. Evictions will only be possible in limited circumstances. They have also announced new financial support available to landlords and tenants.

Eligible residential and commercial tenants and landlords will be supported with up to $3,000 in rental relief payments as part of the Rent Relief Grant Program.

Residential and commercial landlords will also be eligible for 50% land tax discount (up from the 25% previously available) and such discount should be passed on to tenants who are liable for land tax as part of outgoings.

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If you have any questions regarding financial support or your rights as landlord or tenant and how to reach a rent relief agreement, please refer contact your Morrows Advisor or Adam Neylon of Morrows Legal to discuss your next steps:

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