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Family Office Services

Every family has a unique set of people, investments, cash needs, long term goals and pressing challenges. Our specialist teams in Morrows give you access to a complete range of professional services to grow and protect your family wealth.

Our experience with existing family office clients is that the coordination of services provides you with many advantages. For instance, your family office is tailored specifically to your family’s needs. You have one point of contact, all your requirements will be scoped and only commenced with your agreement on price and approval of strategy. We will keep you informed and help you to identify, manage and satisfy your own complex family issues as well as the explicit needs of each family member.

There are also significant benefits for the next generation. Your family office provides younger family members.  The Morrows Group is able to assist in:

  • Educating family members about inheritance
  • Motivating younger generations to take more responsibility
  • Encouraging long term planning

All of which add to your confidence that any future transition of wealth will be smooth and intelligently handled.  Most importantly, Morrows Family Office clients have confidence they can rely on us now and for future generations.


Our Family Consulting Services

At Morrows we understand the time involved to keep ahead of a constantly changing financial landscape, not to mention the complexities and challenges that come with it. Our Family Consulting Services are specifically designed around meeting your evolving financial needs.

One of very few truly multidisciplinary advisory practices in Australia, Morrows is proud to offer a coordinated and cohesive service to successfully manage your accounting, superannuation, legal, private wealth and philanthropy needs, under the one roof.

In doing so, we are able to provide secure solutions with one point of contact to save you the confusion of working with multiple external parties, duplicated administration and extra leg work. Our personal, confidential approach allows us to deeper understand your needs, now and in the future.

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The Morrows Group Vision includes a desire to help to motivate you to achieve your lifetime goals, one of which may be to make a significant financial contribution to society.

The Morrows Group has many clients who have expressed their desire to give back to the wider community. Some have chosen to support initiatives that foster the arts, fund medical research and raise awareness of illness, promote the environment and sustainable living, focus on social welfare or projects that aim for empowerment through education.

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